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Floodwalls FAQ

 1.  What is Floodwalls material made from and how is it constructed.

The material is made using specially selected, rubber impregnated, coated fabrics. The textile ply is made from high strength PES fabric and is similar to KEVLAR coated on both sides with the rubber compound based of EPDM chemistry. The material is resistant to weather, changes in climate, ozone and U-V radiation. The material is 3 MM thick Rip – stop, all joints and seams are vulcanized and heat cured in a oxygen free atmosphere during construction. They are pressure tested twice before and after fill coupling are installed. The material is ISO certified up to 14000 levels. The units are also internally baffled which gives them   unique stability.

2.     Can units be set beside each other to form a single line

Yes. The units have grommets within the material which can be tied with the unit next to it for a form fit. As the units are filled the water pressure forms a seal between the units. If the units are placed at a 90% angle, we have developed a fabric which is placed between the units to prevent seepage at this area

3.     What are their sizes of the Individual units

The units range in size from 6.6 ‘to 9.84’ to 13.1’ to 16.4’ long and 7’ to 9’ wide (when filled).  They will also manufacture custom units of specific sizes. The height sizes are 32”, 48” and 60”. Again custom heights can be made and the units can be stacked, but they must have support, such as tie-downs. The empty weight varies but the heaviest is 463 lbs. and the lightest 88 lbs.

4.     Are they stable

Each unit is internally baffled which gives stability, in addition to the weight when filled and the width of the unit.

5.     How long will they last

We believe with proper care they will last for at least 20-25 years. We guarantee fifteen years, with proper care.

6.     How do you fill them up

The typical A/5 unit which holds 1743 gallons and weights 12,898 LBS. when filled can be filled in 15/20 minutes with 90 PSA and 1.5 “ hose. They can be filled simultaneously. The rip stop fabric allows you to repair while in use and to stop any puncture by simply filling the hole.

7.     Are they in stock

We do have units in stock, but usually they are ordered which takes about 60 days to fill order and have shipment ready for pick-up. All orders are FOB (whichever harbor is closest)