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Rapid Deployment Flood Barriers

Floodwalls are engineered to be a temporary barrier against the incursion of floodwaters. They are designed to replace and improve on the job traditionally done with sandbags. FloodWalls come in 9 standard sizes with heights up to 6′ and lengths from 6’6″ to 65′.


Custom engineered units are also available to match specific local and individual project needs. More permanent applications are in use with lengths well over 100′.


These patented property saving units are made with a proprietary process, using proprietary materials, and are manufactured to exacting specifications. All processes are both ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 Certified.


The units are made using specially engineered fabrics, that are rubber coated and impregnated to form a flexible water proof material. This material is then used to construct the internally baffled and supported lengths of structured hollow tubes. Fire hose type fittings and couplings are installed during manufacture, and can be customized to meet local requirements.