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May 22nd,2014
Flood Prevention Systems are necessity

Climate change is a topic that humankind can no longer afford to ignore. From minuscule to massive, the transformation in the climatic and weather conditions across the globe has been immense. It has become amply clear that we can run but can never hide from its consequences.

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March 6th,2014
FloodWalls – The shield you can count on!

Humanity has progressed in many ways. From wheels to satellites, from the abacus to computers, we have taken pride in inventing technologies and products that have changed the world and the lives of all its inhabitants.

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October 9th,2013
Floodwalls are easy to setup

FloodWalls are mobile and easy to be set up at any locations, even at the last minute read more…

October 9th,2013
Foodwalls to protect tunnels

FloodWalls were set up at every entrance of the train system in order to protect tunnels that connect commute infrastructures.

October 8th,2013
Floodwalls with a corner

Floodwalls were used to create a corner, which created squared closed area to keep the water within certain area. This is similar to coffer dam.